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fri 28 mar 2014 22:00 
Genre: Afrobeat

Music from Mali (part 2).

Mamadou Kelly
This programme is dedicated to music from Mali. Mali, a country that is inextricably bound up with music. A country of which music is its greatest treasure, its greatest export product. The extreme Islamites who threatened to forbid music there are not from Mali themselves.
Tartit & Imharhan.jpg
Music, it is agreed by Toearegs like Bambara, is an essential part of Mali. In this Mariama you can hear: Khaira Arby, Bassekou Kouyaté, Mamadou Kelly, Al Bilali Soudan, and Sekouba Traoré & Mahmoud Ghinia.

  1. Tartit & Imharhan. Abacabok Part 2 (Tartit & Imharhan).
    CD: Tartit with Imharhan – Live from the Sahara (2013). Clermont Music, CLE006
  2. Al Bilali Soudan. Djaba (traditioneel).
    CD: Al Bilali Soudan – Al Bilali Soudan (2012). Clermont Music, CLE-01-2012
  3. Khaira Arby. Djaba (m/w: Khaira Arby & Dedeou Hanteteou / Khaira Arby).
    CD: Khaira Arby – Timbuktu Tarab (2010). Clermont Music
  4. Mamadou Kelly. Goué Ini Bongossé (Mamadou Kelly).
    CD: Mamadou Kelly – Adibar (2013). Clermont Music, CLE007
  5. Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba feat. Zoumana Tereta. Mali Koori (Bassekou Kouyaté).
    CD: Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba – Jama Ko (2013). Out Here Rec, OH 021
  6. Sidi Touré. La Paix/Peace (??).
    CD: Sidi Touré – Alafia (2013). Thrill Jockey Records, Thrill 347
  7. Habib Koité. Diarabi Niani (Habib Koité).
    CD: Habib Koité – Soô (2014). Contre-Jour, CJ030
  8. Siaka Sidibé Ensemble. Siginyògònjugu (traditioneel).
    CD: Siaka Sidibé Ensemble │Sidikiba Keita – Hunter’s Harp Music from Mali (2008). Pan Records, PAN 2108
  9. Sekouba Traoré & Mahmoud Ghinia. Saya/Sibayi/Djidja/Mouga Mouga Bolila (traditioneel).
    CD: Sekouba Traoré & Mahmoud Ghinia – Wlad Bambara (2000?). A-Shams, 1037