sat 8 sep 2007 11:02 
Genre: Afrobeat
Composer: Chuck Berry

“Mariama”, a programme with African music. Musical Mali.

In this Mariama we will feature Malian guitarists. Well-known Malian musicians like Salif Keita, Ali Farka Touré, Rokia Traoré and Habib Koité contributed tremendously to the growth in popularity of world music. They, for their part, were inspired by for example Cuban music but also western artists like Jimmy Hendrix and Chuck Berry. Although last years a trend for semi-acoustic music is to be heard in the music of Habib Koité, Toumani Diabaté and Djelimady Tounkara. 
In this episode of Mariama you can listen to some well known guitarists like: Ali Farka Touré, his son Vieux Farka Touré, Djelimady Tounkara, Amadou and Mariam and Habib Koité, all these guitarists have developed their own style, although the guitar play of Vieux Farka Touré still bears traces of his influential father. The diversity of the guitarists can be heard on the Mali blues of Ali Farka Touré, till Mali pop of Amadou and Mariam, with inbetween traditional sounds, fragments of flamenco and melodious arrangements.

Habib Koité
There are a few concerts of Malinese musicians in the Netherlands every year. Like Habib Koité with his group Bamada: he will perform on September 29 in Rasa, Utrecht and on September 30 at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. He will hopefully play some songs from his new CD that is to be released in the fall.