sat 3 nov 2007 11:02 
Genre: Afrobeat
Composer: Traditional

“Mariama”, a programme with African music. Music from Madagascar part 2.

In part 1 we played a lot of traditional music of the Merina, an ethnic group of people who live in the highlands. In this episode we will play music of the Antandroy, a group who lives in the most southern and impassable part of Madagascar. Traditional music is part of their daily lives. There are songs that are sung for people who are on their way to a wedding, work songs and complaint songs. We will play the a capella group Senge who a.o made music for a ceremony to drive away evil spirits. We will also play some songs of Olombelona Ricky, whose name means ‘ Ricky the human’ and is the stage name of Randimbiarison. His CD was produced by Airto Moreiro. Further music of composer, singer and leader of the group Vavovy: Jean Gabin Fanovona. He modernized the Antandroy music in the last twenty years and has been a source of musical inspiration for the people in his country. Nostalgia sounds throughout the traditional music of the dynamic female a capella group Tiahrea (that means cultural wealth). Tiahrea are three sisters: Talike, Zetike and Selake. They have been living in Europe nowadays. In conclusion we will play Régis Gizavo , virtuoso on the diatonic accordion and without a doubt the best accordion player from Madagascar. In short, a lot of polyphonic songs and virtuous instrumentalists from this large isle.