sat 9 feb 2008 11:02 
Genre: Afrobeat

“Mariama”, a programme with African music. Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is a group of islands 600km west of Senegal. The formerly unpopulated island was discovered and occupied by the Portuguese in the 15th century and is since 1975 independent. The Portuguese seamen brought along many slaves from Africa what made the population very mixed. The country is charming but poor and many inhabitants were forced to look for work elsewhere. They settled all around the word but mostly in the United States and Portugal but a large community is also living in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). The musicians of this group often mix the music of their new home country with melodies from their youth. This is how interesting mixes come into being, for example in Portugal where the morna is combined with the fado.
CD Acústico – Tito Paris – Wold connections 
1. Que vida 
2. Victor 
CD Azulando – Teofile Chantre 
1. Măe Pa Fidje 2. Segredo Na Luar (Secret in the Moonlight) 
CD Women of the World Acoustic – Lura – Putamayo
1. Bida Mariadu 
CD Dança Ma Mi – Maria de Barros – Narada – EMI 1. Oh Menel 
2. Nos Tradiçon 
CD Ilhal Azul – Bau – Lusafrica 
1. Mazurka 
CD Balancê – Sara Tavares – World Connection
1. Bom Feeling 
2. Guisa 
CD Les Chansons du Cap-Vert – Cesária Évora – Moustique 
1 Petit Pays 
2. Ayuweh