fri 21 mar 2008 13:00 
Genre: Afrobeat

“Mariama”, a programme with African music. Ricky Randimbiarison, Rajery, Tarika and other top Madagascan musicians.

The cultural melting pot of Madagascar has a unique and rich musical culture. In 1500 years, musical traces have been left by people from Indonesia, Arabia, Africa and Portugal. The valiha for example, (a zither rod made of bamboo) is from southeast Asia, the multi-part singing parties have African roots and the origin of the melancholic melodies lies in Portugal. Ricky Randimbiarison Vazimba is one of the most prominent musicians of the island and an absolute expert on Madagascan music. He is popular in his home country, so much that they speak of ‘Rickymania’. In this programme, many songs from the ‘Olombelona Ricky’ CD, but also Jaojoby, the Tarika group and one-handed virtuoso on valiha, Rajery.