sat 26 apr 2008 11:02 
Genre: Afrobeat

“Mariama”, a programme with African music. Tanzaina – the most ‘unhappy’ country in the world.

In times of confusion it is a comfort to know that there is Science to create order. Something you can count on. According to the World Database of Happiness, managed by ‘professor of luck’ Ruut Veenhoven, Tanzania is currently the most unhappy country in the world. To be sure, scoring 3.2 out of 10 on the happiness scale is not very high indeed. Is that because fortune favours fools? Or because of the musical climate in Tanzania?
Mariama hopes to give the listener some empirically justified yet negatory answers to these pressing scientific issues. But who knows whether that can happyn…
CD: Tanzania Vocals 1950 (2003), SWP Records 023/HT015
1. “Ng’wadila ng’wiza wani baba rumi” – Luchenje Nyanda & Sukuma men
CD: Tanzania Instruments 1950 (2003), SWP Records 022/HT014
2. “Tubuke ku kaya kwa mwankenja” – Mwanjila Nsolo
CD: Tanzania Instruments 1950 (2003), SWP Records 022/HT014
3. “Mjinga masikiyo uzibe” – Pembe Selemani & Zaramo young men
CD: Zanzibara #3 – Ujamaa: The 1960s sound of Tanzania (2007), Buda Musique 860142
4. “Nimechoka (I am tired)” – Morogoro Jazz Band
CD: Tanzanie/Tanzania (1997), Air Mail Music / Sunset – SA 141007
5. “Ifa Sithawika” – Makazi Band
CD: Ottu Jazz Band – Kilio Cha Mtu Mzima (2002), FKW
6. “Mpenzi Kizungu Mkuti”
CD: Legends of East Africa:  Orchestre Makassy (2005), ARC Music – EUCD 1909
7. “Muungano”
CD: Zanzibara #1 – Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club: 1905-2005 A hundred years of taarab in Zanzibar (2005), Buda Musique 860118
8. “Zinduna”
CD: Zanzibara #4 – Bi Kidude: the diva of Zanzibari music (2006), Buda Musique 860141
9. “Alaminadura”
CD: Zanzibara– Festival CD: Antwerp & Amsterdam – April 2008 (2008), Jahazi Media
10. “Bwana Harusi Huyoo” – Kilimani Qasida Group
CD: Mlimani Park Orchestra – Sungi (1994), Popular African Music- pam 403
11. “Hiba”