sat 27 sep 2008 11:02 
Genre: Afrobeat

“Mariama” a programme with African music. Malinese singers.

In this Mariama attention for some Malinese singers including Rokia Traoré who recently released her latest CD Tamantché. Rokia Traoré is a singer/songwriter from Mali. She sings mainly in the Bamana style, a music style from central Mali with strong dance rhythms but also with blues influences. Rokia accompanies herself on the guitar but combines traditional instruments like the n’goni and balafon with the electric guitar and bass. She really likes renewal, on her previous album Bowmboi you can hear the Kronos Quartet for example.
Another music style is Wassoulou, named after the area Wasulu in the south of Mali, where Mali, Guinea and the north of Ivory Coast combine. This style was originally one of the oldest traditional music styles. It has a strong message of social freedom, with spicy lyrics and strong rhythms. Female singers were popular performers of this. One of the big stars is Oumou Sangere, but there are many others like Madina N’Diaye and Sali Sidibe
CD Tchamantché (2008), Rokia Traore, Universal Music France
1. Tchamantché (Rokia Traoré)
2. Kounandi (Rokia Traoré)
3. Tounka (Rokia Traoré
CD The Wassoulou Sound (1994) Diverse artiesten Stern’s Africa
1. Wale Gnouma Don, Sali Didibé, trad.
2. Djen Magni, Sali Didibé, trad.
CD Moussolou (1991) Oumou Sangare
1. Moussolou (Oumou Sangare)
2. Diaraby Nene (Oumou Sangare)
CD. Bowmboï (2003) Rokia Traoré, Label Bleu
1. M’Bifo (Rokia Traoré)
2. Manian (Rokia Traoré)
CD Bimogow (2005) Madina N’Diaye, Sound of the World, Harmonia Mundi
1. Farafina (trad.)
2. Moussow (trad.