fri 7 nov 2008 13:00 
Genre: Afrobeat

“Mariama”, a programme about African music. African divas.

African divas play an important role for their continent.They are pushed forward by politicians as figureheads, goodwill ambassadors and are viewed as an example for the younger generation female singers. Because of their experience of many years with dozens of musicians, orchestra’s, combo’s and record labels they were able to inspire, encourage and break grounds to the western music industry for the next generation of female singers.Miriam Makeba is called ‘Mama Africa’ in her country South Africa. Songs like ‘Pata Pata’ and ‘the Click Song’ have become known worldwide because of her and after a career of 50 years she hasn’t been able to say goodbye to the stage yet. Angelique Kidjo, diva from Benin has made African music popular in the west like no other. She can be found at every international African festival. Her voice is developed because of years of jazz training in Paris and she has made a diversity of CDs and performed together with Manu Dibango and Branford Marsalis among others. Also in this programme music by Letta Mbulu,Brenda Fassie and Busi Mhlongo.
CD Parakou. Angelique Kidjo. Island 848 219-2
1. ‘Zanku’ Angelique Kidjo/Jean Hébrail
CD Be in two minds. Pili Pili, Amok CD 523
2. ‘Exaltation’ ‘Hof, Angelique Kidjo
CD Logozo, Angelique Kidjo. Island 510 352-2
3. ‘Sénié’ Bella Bellow
CD Parakou, Angelique Kidjo. Island 848 219-2
4. ‘Blewu’ Belle Bellow
CD Black Ivory Soul, 2002. Angelique Kidjo,Columbia 506 069 2
5. ‘Africa’
CD Golden Afrique, vol. 3 2006. Network LC 06758
6. African Convention – Miriam Mekeba.
CD Sangoma, Miriam Mekeba. Warner Bros 7599-25673-2
7. Emabhaceni
CD Golden Afrique, vol. 3 2006. Network LC 06758
8. Sum’bulala – Brenda Fassie
9. Mahlalela – Hugh Masekela, Letta Mbulu
CD ‘Mina Nawe‘ Brenda Fassie. Emi CDBren(WLM)2001
10. ‘Wewe’ Brenda Fassie
11. ‘Vuma’ Brenda Fassie
CD ‘Between’, cd, 1997, Max Lässer. Melt 2000, BW 103
12. ‘Lua’ Max Lässer
13. ‘Bhoyi’ Max Lässer
CD ‘Fifa’, cd, 1996, Angelique Kidjo. Island Records CIDM1112 524 203 2
14. ‘’Fifa’ Angélique Kidjo, Jean Hébrail
15. ‘The Sound of the Drums’ Angélique Kidjo, Jean Hébrail