fri 16 jan 2009 19:00 
Genre: Afrobeat

“Mariama, a programme with African music. OBAMA RHYTHMS.

In a few days Barack Obama will be officially inaugurated as president of the United States. Obama’s father is from Kenya, of the Luo tribe. A nice occasion (I admit, a far-fetched one) to dedicate a whole episode to music from Kenya. And really not only Luo music.
By the way: Obama’s mother seems to derive from the Pilgrim-family Blossom from Leiden. The nature of this programme unfortunately doesn’t allow to play songs of Katapult, Rubberen Robbie or the Zangeres Zonder Naam. (But again, such a track list would justify a spot on Radio 6).
CD: Introducing Kenge Kenge(2007). Introducing/World Music Network Intro107CD
1. “Obare Yinda”
CD: The Secret Museum of Mankind – Music of East Africa: Ethnic Music Classics 1925-1948 (1998).Yazoo 7015
2. “Sila Rado” – Onbonyo Ang’Ang’O
3. “Odhiambo Otieno” – Opondo Mugoye
CD: Kenyan Songs and Strings: 1950 & 1952 (2006). SWP Records SWP030/HT019
4. “Naftali Ouko” – Daudi Otuoma
5. “Okech Okelo” – Joshua Mzee Adhiembo
6. “Nenda Mundiani” – Kalachi Mbaru & Boys
7. “Arap Chemonget” – Kipkemo Arap Ngasura
8. “Mulima Hale” – Salome Nolega & girls
CD: The Secret Museum of Mankind – Music of East Africa: Ethnic Music Classics 1925-1948 (1998). Yazoo 7015
10. “Mwanangu Lala” – Frank & His Sisters 
CD: Les Mangalepa – Endurance (2006). RetroAfric Retro21CD
11. “Mimba”
CD: Kakai Kilonzo & Les Kilimambogo Brothers – Best of Kakai, Volume 1 (2002). Shava; ShavaCD011-2
12. “Mama Sofi, Part 1” 
13. “Mama Sofi, Part 2” 
CD: The Nairobi Sounds (????). unknown
14. “Western Shilo”  – unknown
CD: John Amutabi Nzenze & Friends – Angelike Twist (2004). Equator Heritage Sounds; EHS2402
15. “Kuowa ni Kuzuri” 
16. “Kweli Ndugu”