fri 30 jan 2009 19:00 
Genre: Afrobeat

“Mariama”, a programme with African music. Wassoulou star Oumou Sangaré.

The Wassoulou area in South Mail has brought forth an interesting style of music. It is music of youth that, as opposed to the music of the traditional djelis with their songs of praise, often contains criticism towards  the established order.
The Wassoulou music is based on an old tradition of hunters’ songs with pentatonic melodies and is traditionally accompanied by the "donso’n’goni" (6-string hunter’s harp). The Wassoulou stars use a smaller version of this harp, the "kamélen’goni" (literally: harp of the youth). Wassoulou music is dominated by female singers.
The most famous one, who has performed in the Netherlands and other countries regularly and in the meantime gained world fame, is Oumou Sangaré. Her first cassette, "Moussolou" (women), was recorded in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) in 1989 during the week she turned 21 years old. After that she released several albums: ‘Ko Sira’ (1993), ‘Worotan’ (1996) as well as cassettes ‘Laban’ (2001) and ‘Moussowla Diala’ (2001). Her lyrics express her social sympathization, especially her fight for the rights of African women. For that reason, she is vehemently opposed to polygamy.
CD Moussolou (1988). Oumou Sangaré. Mélodie 38104-2
1. Woula Bara Diagna (Oumou Sangaré).
2. Diya Gneba (Oumou Sangaré).
CD Ko Sira (1993) Oumou Sangaré. World Circuit wcd 036
3. Start of Kayini Wura.
CD Alou Fané’s Foté Mocoba (1992-3) Alou Fané. Dakar Sound DKS 005
4. Start of Baba no.2.
CD Ko Sira (1993) Oumou Sangaré. World Circuit wcd 036
5. Dugu Kamelenba (Oumou Sangaré).
6. Nawo nawo (Oumou Sangaré).
CD Worotan (1996). Oumou Sangaré. World Circuit WCD 045
7. Worotan (Oumou Sangaré).
8. Denw (Oumou Sangaré).
CD Laban (2001) Oumou Sangaré. CK7 459 (cassette)
9. Sina (Oumou Sangaré).
10. Been (Oumou Sangaré).
11. Tcheou (Oumou Sangaré).
CD Mussowla Diala (2001) Oumou Sangaré. CK7 487
12. Aw bissimila (Oumou Sangaré).
13. Be ka wili (Oumou Sangaré).
14. Puissance (Oumou Sangaré).