sat 22 dec 2012 13:00 
Genre: Afrobeat

Year list 2012 with Royal Band de Thiès, Jungle By Night, Zani Diabaté, Ebo Taylor, Tunyi Oleyana, Le Mystère Jazz de Tomboctou and François Lougah.

In this programme, we focus on the best African releases of the past year, at least, according to this programme’s creator, of course. There were a lot to choose from, so it is not unlikely for someone to find that some have been omitted from this year list. Not to mention that I only have a fraction of all releases at home. Oh well, so be it. Listeners who are familiar with my programme already know where my preferences lie…

  1. François Lougah. Bravo Sotra (François Lougah, arr.: Ignace de Souza).
    CD: Ivory Coast Soul 2: Afro Soul in Abidjan from 1976 to 1981 (2012). Hot Casa Records
  2. Tunyi Oleyana. Agba Lo De (LP version) (??).
    CD: Tunji Oleyana – A Nigerian Retrospective, 1966-79 (2012). Soundway Records, SNDWCD043P
  3. Le Super Borgou de Parakou. Ko Guere (??).
    CD: Le Super Borgou de Parakou – The Bariba Sound (2012). Analog Africa, AACD 071 promo
  4. The Funkees. Point of No Return (??).
    CD: The Funkees – Dancing Time (2012). Soundway Records, SNDWCD039P
  5. Karantamba. Dimba Nyima (??).
    CD: Karantamba – ‘Ndigal’ (2012). Teranga Beat, PTBCD 015
  6. Royal Band de Thiès. Kouye Magana (??).
    CD: Royal Band de Thiès – Kadior Demb (2012). Teranga Beat, PTBCD 016
  7. Le Mystère Jazz de Tomboctou. Dina Waliji (??).
    CD: Le Mystère Jazz de Tomboctou – Le Mystère Jazz de Tomboctou (2011). Kindred Spirits, KS-Mali-02CD
  8. Jungle By Night. The Past is History (Jungle By Night).
    CD: Jungle By Night – Hidden (2012). Kindred Spirits, KS 037 CD
  9. Ebo Taylor. Nsu Na Kwan (??).
    CD: Ebo Taylor – Appia Kwa Bridge (2012). Strut Records, Strut089CD promo
  10. Zani Diabaté & Les Héritiers. Mali Yafa (Zani Diabaté & Alou ‘Baden’ Sangaré).
    CD: Zani Diabaté & Les Héritiers – Tientalaw (2012). Sterns Music, STCD1113
    Blue Flamingo - A Search for CMS.jpg
  11. Ugambe Jazz. Joseph Ochola (??).
    CD: Blue Flamingo – A Search for CMS: A Story by (2012). Excelsior Recordings, Excel96306