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World music, compiled by Stan Rijven.

Episode: Music from Tanzania & Zanzibar

The British-Tanzanian writer Abdulrazak Gurnah (Zanzibar, 1948) recently received the Nobel Prize for Literature. This makes him the first black African author in 35 years, after the Nigerian laureate Wole Soyinka, to receive this prize.” In his ten novels, it is without compromise that Gurnah shows the consequences of colonialism and the effect it has on people who have been uprooted and migrated,” the jury said. In 1964 he left rebel-held Zanzibar and settled in England. Gurnah made his debut in English in 1987, with which he retired from Swahili, his native language. The jury: “His work is averse to stereotypical descriptions and opens our eyes to the cultural diversity of East Africa that many in the rest of the world are so unfamiliar with. For example, Tanzanian music history: just as richly varied and consequently influenced by this colonial past. And so, a Mariama broadcast about Muziki wa dansa, Bonga fleva and of course the Taarab from Gurnah’s birthplace Zanzibar.



1) Cuban Marimba Band- Naumiya (early ’60)

2) Kiko Kids Jazz- Kiko Mwanisakama (early ’60)

3) Nuta Jazz Band- Agwe Tuchole (1968)

CD: Dada Kidawa, Sister Kidawa (Original Music-1995)


4) Master Musicians of Tanzania- Lukunzi

CD: Master Musicians of Tanzania (Triple Earth-1985)


5) Bi Kidude &Taarab Masters- Pakistani

CD: Zanzibara (Jahazi Media- 2008)

6) Zein Musical Party- Nataka rafiki

CD: Zein Musical Party, The style of Mombasa (Globestyle- 1989)

7) Zuhura Swaleh & Zein Musical Club-Wasi wasi

CD: Songs the Swahili sing (Original Music- 1989)

IV: MUZIKI WA DANSA- ‘soukous’

8) Remmy Ongala & Orch. Super Matimila- Dodoma

CD: Mambo (Realworld- 1992)

9) Ndala Kasheba- Nimlilie Nani?

CD: The Rough Guide to the music of Tanzania (Rough Guide- 2006)

V: BONGA FLEVA (hiphop)

10). 2-Proud- Sema Nao

CD: 2-Proud (Personal management- 1996)

11) Dataz- Mume wa mtu

CD: The Rough Guide to the music of Tanzania (Rough Guide- 2006)

VI: MUZIKI WA DANSA- ‘soukous’

12) Orchestra Makassy- Nakolela cherie

CD: Agwaya (Virgin- 1982)

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