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fri 21 jun 2024 20:00 hrs

African music. Episode: Looking ahead to Afrika Festival 2024; singer Kankou Kouyate from Mali (featuring her debut album ‘N’Darila’)

In the episode of Mariama on 17 May 2024, Rob Lokin already provided a preview of the upcoming Africa Festival which will be held in Hertme, Overijssel on 6 and 7 July. One of the artists featured in today’s episode is Kankou Kouyate from Mali. This young singer comes from one of Mali’s most respected griot families. She is notably the niece of n’goni virtuoso Bassekou Kouyate and has been prominently heard as a backing vocalist for prominent griots. In 2019, she stepped into the spotlight with the acclaimed album ‘Kuma’, which she co-created with Scottish musician and producer Mark Mulholland.

In this episode of Mariama, you’ll have the exclusive first listen (!) to her debut solo album ‘N’Darila’, which is about to hit the shelves soon.
On this album, she delves back into her Mandingo roots, supported by her group Les Etoiles de Garana, a family ensemble consisting of cousins and distant relatives of the Kouyate families. Kankou’s lyrics are philosophical in the traditional Manding tradition, offering commentary on her social environment and Malian society. She addresses women’s rights and proper conduct towards fellow human beings.



1 Bala 3:43,

2 Gnanadje 4:35,

3 On dit non 6:39,

4 Deni Koungo 4:20,

5 Blanko 3:48,

6 Den Kelen 5:33,

7 Na fa te Djougouyala 6:18,

8 Doke 3:50,

9 Gnani 4:23,

10 N’Darila 4:31,

11 Tien Kagni 3:10,

12 Maria Lulu Rishi 5:01

Album : N’Darila ( 2024)


Afrika Festival Hertme (


Produced by:
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