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fri 18 mar 2016 20:00 hour

Special encounters.

Derya Türkan & Renaud Garcia
In this episode of Metamorphoses we will pay attention to three special musical encounters. You will hear combinations of instruments and musical traditions we are often not used to: a contrabass improvising together with a Turkish kemence, a Breton gwerzioù singer in 12th century mystical music from Persia and a jazz trumpet player with a Senegalese kora player.
An hour filled with wonderful and often surprising musical cross-over.
1.  Silk Moon. (Garcia Fons) 
2.  A Girl from Istanbul. (Türkan) 
3.  Taksim Clouds. (Türkan/Garcia Fons) 
4.  Istanbul’da bir Ispanyol. (Garcia Fons) 
5.  Beautiful House in Bad Homburg. (Türkan) 
     CD. Derya Türkan & Renaud Garcia Fons.
     Silk Moon (2014) E-Motive Records EMO
6.  Me Am Eus Ur Feuteun. (trad.) 
7.  Ayrilik Hasretlik. (trad.) 
8.  Ar Breur Hag Ar C’Hoar. (trad.) 
9.  Tasnif É «To Bégouch».(trad.)
     CD Keyvan Chemirani. Avaz. Innacor (2013)
10. Souma Manone. (Cissoko)
11. Djaliya. (Cissoko) 
12. Signare. (Cissoko) 
13. N’a Banco. (Cissoko)
      CD Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze. Djaliya.
      Kora & Ko/Ma Casa (2014) MACASE 011
Thanks to the Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam

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