fri 20 feb 2009 21:00 
Composer: Traditional

Altered State: Traditional Trance & More.

A shift in consciousness can be achieved in many ways, for example by fasting, meditating or using drugs. Music, however, can also cause a shift in consciousness. In this broadcast we pay attention to trance music from various cultures, among other things.  They’re often long-drawn-out songs that you have to let sink in. But if you can do that, you enter a whole new world… 
TIP: from 1 to 5 April a Trance Festival takes place at Zuiderpershuis (Antwerpen), De Doelen (Rotterdam), Rasa (Utrecht) and Tropentheater (Amsterdam). Including voodoo from Benin, hunting music from Mali, qawwali from Pakistan and monks from Japan.
CD: The Gyuto Monks – Tibetan Tantric Choir (1987). Windham Hill Records
1. ‘Guhyasamaja Tantra, chapter 2’
CD: Derviches Tourneurs  de Turquie: La Cérémonie des Mevlevi (1991). Arion
2. ‘Pesrev (instrumental prelude)’ en ‘Birinci Selâm (first salutation)’ – Halvèto Brotherhood
CD: Skopje Rifai Dervishes – Ilahi’s and zikr ceremony (2006). Pan Records PAN2110CD
3. ‘Tala’a ‘l-Badru ‘aleyna’ and ‘Ben rast geldim’
CD: Yoro Sidibe – Fakoly  (2006). Mali K7
4. ‘Fakoly’
CD: Drums of Death: Field Recordings in Ghana (1997). Avant
5. ‘Atokwe 1’
CD: Shaman,, Jhankri & Néle: Music Healers of Indgenous Cultures (1997). Ellipsis Arts CD3550
6. ‘Healing Mental Illness’ – Maestro Desmodenes-Ramires
7. ‘Healing Songs for a Woman with Kidney Disease’ – Steve Old Coyote