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Composer: Rabih Abou-Khalil

Rabih Abou-Khalil.

In this Metamorphoses, you will hear a selection of CDs that were released on the German label Enja Records. Rabih Abou-Khalil is known as the musician who uses his ud to make eclectic world jazz. That is remarkable because he learned to play classical ud first and after he fled the Lebanese civil war he studied classical flute in Germany. Maybe, however, that is why he was able to use his analytical powers and his knowledge of classical music to break the ud play open.  
Rabih-Abou-Khalil. Em Português (2008). Enja Records ENJ-9520 2
1. Jogo da Vida (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
CD Roots & Sprouts (1990). Enja Records ENJ-9373 2
2. Walking On Air (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
3. Wordless (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
CD Odd Times (1997). Enja Records ENJ-9330 2
4. The Sphinx And I (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
5. Rabou-Abou-Kabou (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
CD Yara (1998). Enja Records ENJ-9360 2
6. Requiem (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
7. On A Bus (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
CD Il sospiro (2002). Enja Records ENJ-9440 2
8. La Séduction a) Qawarma (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
9. La Séduction b) Charab Et Tout  (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
10. La Séduction c) Arouss Labneh (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
CD Morton’s Foot (2003). Enja Records ENJ-9462 2
11. Ma Muse M’abuse (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
12. Morton’s Foot (Rabih-Abou-Khalil)
CD Journey to the centre of an egg (2005). Enja Records ENJ9479 2
13. Shrewd Woman (Rabih-Abou-Khalil, Joachim Kühn)
14. Die Brücke (Rabih-Abou-Khalil, Joachim Kühn)