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Amazonica, music by Miguel Kertsman & Camerata Cantione Antiqua.

Miguel Kertsman is a Brazilian conductor and composer with a very broad musical repertoire that varies from classical chamber music to opera and from film music to jazz.
On the Amazonica CD, released in 1997, Kertsman shows another side of his broad musical interests.

This CD is devoted to the musical history of Recife, the Brazilian coastal town where his roots are. Together with the Camerata Cantione Antiqua, Kertsman made a reconstruction of the versatile musical traditions of Recife, or Mauritsstad, as the place was originally named by its Dutch founders. The result is a remarkable document of a melting pot of sounds and rhythms from early Europe, the Middle East, Africa and indigenous Brazil.

  1. Modinha: “Pernambuco” (Cheganca)
  2. Abolo (trad.)
  3. Abolo Grande (Kertsman)
  4. Baiano (trad.)
  5. Caboclinhos I-Guerra (trad.)
  6. Caramuro (Kertsman)
  7. Caramuro (Reprise) (Kertsman)
  8. Cheganca I- Louvacao (trad./Moura)
  9. De Deserto A Deserto (Kertsman)
  10. “O Brasil É Meu Lar” (Embolada) (impr.)
  11. Caboclinhos II- Perre (trad.)
  12. Cheganca II- Tempestade (trad./Moura)
  13. Caboclinhos III- Baiao (trad.)
  14. Cheganca III- Barcarola Do Animo (trad./Moura)
  15. Incelenca De Roupa (trad./Moura)
  16. Cheganca IV-Despedida (trad./Moura)
  17. Lavadeira (trad.)
  18. “Vovo Falou” & “Barque de Parada” (trad.)
  19. “Somos De Agua Fria Lele” (Maracatu) (trad.)
  20. Repente: “O Brasil Colonial” (impr.)
  21. “Senzala” (trad./Rocha & Kertsman)
  22. “O Povo” (Toada de Maracatu/Loa) (trad.)
  23. “Toada P’ra Xango” (trad.)
    CD. Miguel Kertsman & Camerata Cantione Antiqua Amazonica (1997) Sony Classical SK 62882.
  24. Mami Te Digo (Bolero-Mambo) (trad.)
    CD. Caribbean Rhythms. (2007 [1957]). Smithsonian Folkways Recordings FW8811

Special thanks to the Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam: www.muziekweb.nl