tue 2 oct 2012 13:00 

Female voices part 2.

For the second time, the Metamorphoses programme goes looking for female voices. Of women who are sad, women who are trying to find comfort in religion, who are singing about the one they love, or simply the voices of women who are dancing and having fun.
Chet Nuneta
In this episode you can hear two female groups from France. The first, Chet Nuneta, takes its inspiration from traditional songs about women’s joys and sorrows around the world. The second, La mal coiffée, is inspired by the traditions of the southern Laguedoc, the area where five of the group members were born. An hour of music about the life of women by two cheerful, virtuoso and slightly eccentric female groups.
La mal coiffée. Òu! Los òmes!.jpg
La mal coiffée

  1. Lomalelale (trad.)
  2. A Vus Basin (trad.)
  3. More Sokol Pie (trad.) 
  4. Llorona (trad.)
  5. Ayazin (trad.)
  6. Erev Shel Shoshanim (Dor/Hadar)
  7. Khot Ti Shla’ (trad.)
  8. Malka Moma Dvori Mete (trad.) 
  9. Ya Man Laebat (trad.).
  10. Kharmayn Khagd (trad.).
  11. Capelli (trad.).
  12. Miinan Laulu (trad.).
  13. Sedyankata (trad.)
  14. Simsambeba (trad.)
    CD. Chet Nuneta. Ailleurs (2011) Le Chant du Monde 274 1698
  15. Ségas (Cordes/Cavalié)
  16. Cal descofar la mal cofadaz (Perbosc/Petit/ Cavalié)
  17. Lo gat (trad.)
  18. Brecairòla per la Nena (Paulin/Cavalié)
  19. Prenètz lo bon temps filhotas! (trad.)
    CD. La mal coiffée. Òu! Los òmes! (2011) Sirventes 21166013
    Special thanks to the Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam