sun 9 dec 2012 10:00 

In this episode, Special Instruments, we focus on the bagpipes.

Anatomy of bagpipes
When you say bagpipes, nine times out of ten you will think of the Scottish Highland pipe. Yet that is only one of many bagpipes in the world, and not even the only one in Scotland! This episode of Metamorphoses about Special Instruments focuses on bagpipes in West Europe for one hour. You will hear variants from Flanders and Germany, from the Celtic areas and countries such as Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and Galicia. The countries that may have the biggest variety of types are France and Italy. Finally, we show that it is possible to play the bagpipes without a bag or bellows.
Dürer doedelzak                       Finbar furey pipes

  1. Alfred den Ouden – Poezeminneke/The giant (trad)
    Alfred den Ouden – Decca 776183019X
  2. Spillyck – St George & St Michael (Spillyck)
    Pipers Cathedral – own record
  3. Ceolbeg – The big parcel/Not the bunny hop (Rory McDonald, Neil Dickie)
    Not the bunny hop – Greentrax CDTRAX 053
  4. Ossian -The Black Crags/Pipe Major Joe Wilson/The Duke of     Hamilton/Balmoral/Mrs Webster (S. Morison, A. MacDonald, trad, E. MacDonald, trad)
    The Carrying stream – Greentrax CDTRAX 127
  5. Kathryn Tickell – Holey ha’penny/Tyne bridge hornpipe (trad)
    The Kathryn Tickell band – Black Crow CRO 227
  6. Finbar & Eddie Furey – Piper in the meadow straying (trad)
    Finbar & Eddie Furey -Transatlantic TRA 168 LP
  7. Moving Hearts – McBride’s (Lunny, Sinnott, O’Neill)
    Moving Hearts – WEA IR 58387
  8. Patrick Molard & Alain Genty – Toniou evit Polig/Ton bale sant Hern/Gavotten (Polig Montjarret, Louis Raoul, trad)
    To the bobs – Keltia M KMCD156
  9. Bagad Kemper – Eliza Iza (trad)
    Hep diskrog – Keltia musique KMCD100
  10. Joanny Nioulou & Lucien Pillot – La torna (Nicolas Rouzier)
    Face a Phasmes – AEPEM
  11. La bamboche – la sentine a tourna/l’ancienne (trad, Blanc)
    Quitte Paris – Hexagone 883012
  12. Camaxe – Muiñeira/Paradela (trad)
    Airexa – MWCD4060
  13. Hevia – Busindre Reel (Jose Angel Hevia)
    Tierra de Nadie – EMI 7243 520243 2 2
  14. Asteriskos – Lu Santu e lu viddanu (G. Parisi)
    Asino siculo – Folkclub Ethnosuoni ES 5340
  15. Baraban – Alessandrina/Monferrina (E. Sala, trad)
    Il Valzer dei disertori – ACB CD01
  16. Luigi Lai – Su Ballu (Lai)
    Canne in armonia – Nota cd 247
  17. Kintail, trad. arr. William Jackson.
    Cd. Celtic Experience vol.2  Haunting themes from Scotland & Ireland. (1998). Linn Records. AKD 082