Metamorphoses | Concertzender | Klassiek, Jazz, Wereld en meer


fri 31 may 2013 17:00 
Composer: Patrick Vaillant

In this (4th) special instruments Metamorphoses programme, we delve into the world of course instruments.

When, while talking about guitars, you mention the word ‘course’, you immediately think of American guitar player Leo Kottke. But he has a Dutch rival. Gert de Meijer passed away far too early, and as a tribute to him we start this programme with a track by this master of the twelve-snare guitar.
After that, we go on a tour through Asia Minor, the mediterranean, West Europe and go on a trip to America with the mandolin in Bluegrass.

Famous instruments come by, such as the lute and the mandolin, but also the mandolin family and of course the bouzouki in Celtic music.
Some names, then? Zefiro Torna, Vasilis Tsitsanis, Ano Kato, Thierry Robin, Planxty, Kornog, Mandolinman, Nickel Creek and Patrick Vaillant.

  1. Gert de Meijer –  Behind the Dunes/Summer (de Meijer)
    Behind the dunes – Acoustic Music Records 319.1214.242
  2. Zefiro Torna  – Unknown (trad)
    Promo cd – own record
  3. Arto Tuncboyaciyan & Ara Dinkjian – My Royal Brother (Tuncboyaciyan)
    Onno – Libra 001-2
  4. Marika Ninou & Vasilis Tsitsanis – Gennithika Ya Na Pono (Virvos, Tsitsanis)
    Grecia de oriente y de occidente – Resistencia RES093
  5. Ano Kato – Apopse Stis Akroyalies (Tsitsanis)
    Chtes ta kanane – PAN 144 CD
  6. Titi Robin – Seher Vakti (Açis)
    L’aube (Ouverture)/Dawn (Overture) (Robin, Özlem Özdil)
    Les Rives – Naive NV 826211
  7. Sweeney’s Men – Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willy (trad)
    Sweeney’s man – Transatlantic Records TRAsam 37
  8. Planxty -The Blacksmith (trad)
    Planxty – Shanachie 79009
  9. Kornog – Lassie Wi’ the Yellow Coatie (J. Duff)
    Korong – Green Linnett GLCD1209
  10. Tom Gilfellon – Thomas Friel’s / The Battering Ram (trad)
    In The Middle Of The Tune – Topic 12TS282
  11. Lilienthal – Im Walde (W. Hasenclever-Lilienthal)
    Drei Winter, vier Sommer – Folkfreak FF 1003
  12. MANdolinMAN – Suite de contredanses ‘La rosalie/La Charle Lorraine’ (trad)
    Old tunes, dusted down – Munich MSRCD001
  13. Riccardo Tesi & Patrick Vaillant – Matelote (Vaillant)
    Veranda – Silex Y225002
  14. Nickel Creek – Stumptown (Thile)
    Why should the fire die – Suger Hill SUG 3990
  15. The Simon Mayor Quintet – A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (Sherwin-    Maschwitz)
    Mandolinquents – Acoustics CDACS 034
  16. Pedro Caldeira Cabral – Miscelânea (Cabral)
    Momentos de guitarra Portuguesa – Fenn music FMS 2041