fri 21 jun 2013 17:00 

The poetry of the water of Alhambra

Whoever has had the fortune to walk around by themselves in the Alhambra palaces on an early spring morning, will understand the magic of the sound of water. It is still quiet — the great crowd of visitors has yet to come — and the soft murmur of water streams and fountains reflects off the walls undisturbed. It is a magical experience for anyone who is willing to listen.
Ibn Báya & Eduardo Paniagua. Cantos de la noche.jpgEduardo Paniagua.jpg
Architect and musician Eduardo Paniagua and the trio El Arabi made the CD El Agua de la Alhambra about the poetry of the water of the Moorish palaces above Granada. In this programme, refreshing music for a hot summer day.

  1. Levánte y contempla (trad.)
  2. Aparecio el alba (trad.)
  3. Escanciadme, Ushshaq (trad.)
  4. La brisa perfuma (trad.)
  5. Brillo la estrella (trad.)
  6. La alegria de mi vida (trad.)
  7. La union contigo es mi vida (trad.)
  8. Perla engarzada (trad.)
  9. Ese es mi rito (trad.)
  10. Escanciadme, bawakir al maya (trad.)
  11. Mezcia los vasos (trad.)
    CD. Eduardo Paniagua & El Arabi Trio. El Agua de la Alhambra. (2001). Pneuma PN-320
  12. Carino mio, mi gacela. (trad.)
  13. Cara me es tu union (trad.)
    CD. Ibn Báya & Eduardo Paniagua. Cantos de la noche. (2004). Pneuma. PN-640
    Special thanks to the Centrale Discotheek Rotterdam