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sat 23 jan 2016 02:00 hour
Composer: Paco de Lucia

Flamenco before and after Camaron.

Paco de Lucia
Today Metamorphosis starts with a journey through Europe which we will continue regularly. First stop is the southwest: Andalusia, home of the flamenco, originated from a failed integration of the Romani in Spain in 1425. It has brought us a beautiful tradition, for the past 2.5 centuries, when El Camaron, the singer of our first song Viviré came to the stage in the late 1960s. Together with the just as legendary guitarist Paco de Lucia, he would change the flamenco from a tradition into a lively whirlpool with style elements that penetrate into pop, rock jazz and back into flamenco.

El Cameron.jpg
El Camaron
A short sounding sketch of flamenco before and after the record Viviré by El Camaron. The main question: which influences form the flamenco of El Cameron and which movements have been set in motion by him and Paco de Lucia.
El Cigala.jpg
El Cigala

  1. Intro
  2. Viviré – title piece                       
  3. Juan Talegas : Dicen que a mi no me queras
  4. Manolo Caracol: Yo no siento que te Vayas
  5. Antonio Mairena: Bulerias                   
  6. Camaron – mar amargo from Vivire               
  7. Al verte la flores lloran (bulerias)               
  8. De Falla: Polo (from the 7 canc.)
  9. De Falla dansa  de la molinara               
  10. Solea (opening fragment) from Sketches of Spain
  11. Campanas del Alba from Vivire
  12. Nuestros Suenos from Vivire
  13. Zapatito from Jorge Pardo (from Huellas)
  14. Solo Con Verte from Chano Domingues a “hecho a mano” with vocals by Chonchi Heredia            
  15. Te lo Dice Cameron from te lo dice Cameron
  16. Alfonsina y el mar (El Cigala from Cigala y Tango)
  17. Al Canela y Menta from El Lebrijano  (Cassablanca)


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