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sat 13 feb 2016 02:00 hour
Composer: Ronald Snijders

World music NL! episode 11 (repeat of 06.02.15).

World music NL! is a series about world music made in the Netherlands. Since the eighties world music has been a collective term for folk music (also known as traditional music), non-western classical music, non-western pop music and mixtures of those.

In this episode the compilation cassette ‘World-beats made in Holland I’ by Multi Music Federation (MMF) from 1990.
The Multi Music Federation was created in 1989, as a merge of the Surinam Music Association (SMA) and Barak G, an organization for Moluccan music. The SMA was founded in 1980 to generate more attention for Surinamese and Antillean music. The SMA gained a lot of publicity through the organization of concerts, the production of about 12 sound recording media, a three-part music documentary for the NOS (Dutch public broadcaster) and a book about Surinamese music. The merge of both organizations was a condition for the Dutch ministry of WVC for the subsidization in 1989. From 1983 there was a categorical (specific) budget available for artistic expressions of migrants. The mission of the fusion was to stimulate, develop and professionalize music of immigrants in the Netherlands. Due to internal problems and the broad work field the MMF did not continue after the third year. Although the Raad voor Cultuur pleaded for the importance of a knowledge centre for non-western music they were not able to implement such an organization. MMF has, during its short existence, left little (digital) marks, but did release two compilation cassettes with world music of Dutch origin. Cassette I features the following artists:

P.I. Man & Memre Buku, a big band with a mix of Surinamese, Caribbean and Afro styles.
Marlene Waal, a well-known artist in Surinam, plays a broad scale of Afro styles with her band Nature.
Opo Doti plays kawina, one of the unique Afro-Surinamese traditional styles.
Ponda O’Bryan and his group Sosoba with Surinamese master drummers.
Cosmo Stars plays kaseko, a unique Surinamese popular music style, developed by people from the city out of the traditional Kawina.
Djinti is Surinamese painter,poet and singer.
Ronald Snijders, generally respected as one of the Surinamese top musicians/composers. He made different albums with Quartz with a mix of kaseko, funk and jazz.
Surinamese musicians developed their own jazzvariation based on Surinamese styles: Paramari bop or p-bop, with Fra Fra Sound  and Surinam Music Ensemble as the most important representatives.
Tumak Humak plays the Surinamese popular music style kaseko.
Indian Diamonds is one of the leading Hindostani bands, who play so-called hindipop.
Dhroeh Nankoe is one of the best known Hindostani male voices.
Wechm combines classic Arabic music with contemporary improvised music, popular rai music an traditional music like Gnaoua and Rwaïs.
‘World-beats made in Holland I’ compilation cassette compiled by Multi Music Federation (MMF) in 1990.
01. P-I MAN & MEMRE BUKU – Be Be Bong (lmro E. Belliot)
02. MARLENE WAAL – Papa Dem Na (M. Waal)
03. OPO DOTI – A Singele (Opo Doti)
04. SOSOBA – Lenge Lenge (E. Groenhart)
05. COSMO STARS – Mooi Lobi (M. Lee A Fong)
06. DJINTI – M’Sopote (R. van Bosse, arr. F. Douglas)
07. RONALD SNIJDERS – Bakadjari (R. Snijders)
08. FRA FRA SOUND – Akrema (V. Henar)
09. SURINAM MUSIC ENSEMBLE – Toko Toko (F. Douglas)
10. TUMAK HUMAK – Kaseko Medley (trad/arr. C. Snijders)
11. INDIAN DIAMONDS – Natjo Toembhie (Shaheed)
12. DHROEH NANKOE – Holi (K. Bhandhu/P. Saidi)
13. WECHM – Jazarief Attoel (Najib/Kamail Abid)
This is a rerun of 06.02.15

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