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fri 19 dec 2008 20:00 

Liu Fang, famous Chinese pipa and guzheng player

Liu Fang is a phenomenon. Her mastery of the pipa (Chinese lute) and the guzheng (Chinese zither) is extremely skilful and her interpretation of classical Chinese music is breathtaking. Other than that, she’s also a pioneer: seemingly effortless she succeeds in working together with a classical guitarist from Ireland, a kora player from Mali, an oud player from Syria, or a flute player from Canada… In this episode of Metamorphosis a collection of Liu Fang’s work.
 1.  The Dance Of The Yi People
 2.  The Moon Is High
 3.  Guangling Fantasia
 4.  Embroidering Of A Golden Tapestry
 5.  A Red Point
 6.  Seagulls Playing In Water
 7.  The Spring On The Tianshan Mountain
 8.  I’o Vol Bene
 9.  Homs
10. Une chanson d’amour de Kanding
11. Promenade au pays des rêves
12. Fleur de jasmin
13. Company
14. Water Necklace
15. Spillieart’s Beach