Missa Et cetera

Religious music from the Renaissance. Christmas motets by Desprez, Dufay, Byrd, Gibbons, Weelkes, and Eccard.

1. Josquin Desprez (ca.1455-1521).
– Motet: O Virgo prudentissima/ Beata Mater.
Orlando Consort.
2. Guillaume Dufay (ca.1397-1474).
– Motet: Juvenis qui puellam.
– Nuper rosarum flores.
Cantica Symphonia & Quadrivium conducted by Giuseppe Maletto.
3. William Byrd (1535/40-1623).
– Decantabat populus.
– Alleluya, Laudate pueri Dominum.
– Deus in adjutorium.
– Ad Dominum cum tribularer.
The Cardinall’s Musick conducted by Andrew Carwood.
4. Orlando Gibbons.
– Hosanna to the son of David.
Thomas Weelkes.
– Hosanna to the son of David.
– Gloria in exelsis deo.
– When to the temple Mary went.
The Choir of King’s College Cambridge.