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Missa etcetera

tue 19 jan 2021 18:00 

Western religious music from different centuries.

A mass and two grand motets from the French baroque composer André Campra.

This episode is dedicated to André Campra, who was ‘maître de musique’ to the Notre Dame in Paris from 1694 until 1700. During the following twenty years, he focussed on composing operas. From 1720 onwards, he went back to composing religious music. In this programme, we will hear a mass and two grand motets, performed by Le Concert Spirituel and is conducted by Hervé Niquet.


André Campra (1660-1744)
1. De profundis
2. Missa Ad majorem Dei gloriam
3. Deus noster refugium

Véronique Gens, Anne Gotvosky (3), soprano. Jean-Paul Fouchécourt, haute-contre. Hervé Lamy, tenor. Peter Harvey, baritone. Le Concert Spirituel conducted by Hervé Niquet
(CD: “Messe et Motets” – Accord 465 934-2, 2000)

In addition:
Jean-François Dandrieu (1681-1738)
4. Hymne Ave maris stella
Jean-Baptiste Robin, organ
(CD: “Magnificats” – Château de Versailles Spectacles CVS023, 2019)

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