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Missa etcetera

thu 2 sep 2021 22:00 

Western religious music from different centuries.

This programme is entirely dedicated to the Scarlatti family. We hear three works by Alessandro, his younger brother Francesco, who worked in England from 1719, and his son Domenico.

Domenico Scarlatti

Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725)
1. Salve Regina, op. 2,10

Francesco Scarlatti (1666-post 1741)
2. Miserere mei, Deus

Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
3. Missa quatuor vocum ‘Missa di Madrid’
Ex Tempore conducted by Florian Heyerick
(cd: “Alessandro, Francesco e Domenico – Polyphonic Music of the Scarlatti Family” – Et’cetera KTC 1298, 2005)

Domenico Scarlatti
4. Sonata in D minor (K 34)
Andrea Marcon, organ
(cd: “Sonate per organo” – Divox CDX 79607, 1997)


On highlighted picture: Alessandro Scarlatti


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