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Missa etcetera

thu 28 apr 2022 22:00 hour

Western religious music from different centuries.

On this episode, we will hear religious works by Rupert Ignaz Mayr, Gaetano Veneziano, Antonio Soler and Jan Zach. In addition, we will hear the First Morning Song for the Dead by Veneziano, from his ‘In Officio Defunctorum’.

Rupert Ignaz Mayr (1646-1712)
1. From Sacri Concentus 1681: ‘Nisi Dominus’ (Psalm 126/127)
Performers: Gerd Kenda, bass. Ars Antiqua Austria led by Gunar Letzbor, violin
(CD label: Challenge Classics nr. CC72759)

Gaetano Veneziano (1656-1716)
2. From ‘In Officio Defunctorum’: First Morning Song for the Dead:
-1. Parce mihi Domine
-2. Taedet anima team vitae meae
-3. Manus tuae fecerunt
-4. Miserere
Performers: Jenny Högström, soprano. Filippo Mineccia, countertenor. Kevin Skelton, tenor. Marc Pantus, bass. Ensemble Odyssee led by Andrea Friggi
(CD label: PanClassics nr. PC 10319)

Antonio Soler (1729-1783)
3. ‘Salve Regina a 5’
Performers: Perrine Devillers, soprano. La Grande Chapel led by Albert Recasens
(CD label: Lauda nr. LAU 016)

Jan Zach (1713-1773)
4. From the ‘Vesperae de Beata Virginie’ in D Major “Dixit Dominus”
Performers: Michaela Srumová, soprano. Sylva Cmugrová, alto. Cenek Svoboda, tenor. Jaromír Nosek, bass. Musica Florea and Collegium Floreum led by Marek Stryncl

Carlo Ambrogio Lonati (ca.1645-ca.1712)
4. Opening movement first sonata nr. 2 in G Minor: Adagio-Presto-Largo-Presto-Largo
Performers: Ars Antiqua Austria led by Gunar Letzbor, violin
(CD label: PanClassics nr. PC 10387)



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