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Missa etcetera

thu 3 nov 2022 22:00 

Vesper Psalms and spiritual concertos by 17th-century Polish composer Marcin Mielczewski.

This broadcast features music from Poland, but you won’t hear any polonaises. Polish music history has more to offer. In recent years, quite a few recordings have appeared, focusing on Polish music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Today’s broadcast is dedicated to one of the most influential composers of the 17th century: Marcin Mielczewski.

He worked in the court chapel in Warsaw and, after that, in the chapel of the bishop of Plock, the king’s brother. The fact that his music was highly appreciated is shown, among other things, by the fact that copies of his compositions can also be found outside Poland. For instance, in archives from the Czech Republic and Germany. Mielczewski composed in the old Renaissance style, but especially in the modern performing style that was in vogue in Italy.

This programme features several vesper psalms and four spiritual concertos for solo voices and instruments.

Marcin Mielczewski (?-1651)
1. Dixit Dominus
2. Laudate pueri
3. Credidi
4. Laetatus sum
5. Nisi Dominus
6. Lauda Jerusalem
Wroclaw Baroque Ensemble conducted by Andrzej Kosendiak
(CD: “Marcin Mielczewski II” – CD Accord ACD 248-2, 2018)

7. Plaudite manibus
8. Victimae paschali laudes
9. Dulcis amor Jesus
10. Virgo prudentissima
Les Traversées Baroques conducted by Étienne Meyer
(CD: “Virgo prudentissima – i inne religijne koncerty” – K617226, 2011)

Giovanni Gabrieli (1554-1612)
11. Canzon 1. toni
Les Traversées Baroques olv. Étienne Meyer
(CD: “Virgo prudentissima – i inne religijne koncerty” – K617226, 2011)

In photo: Wroclaw Baroque Ensemble (photo: Lukasz Rajchert)

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