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Missa etcetera

thu 13 jun 2024 22:00 hrs
Composer: Bernardo Pasquini

Religious music. This episode is dedicated to two composers who worked in Rome during the 17th century: Francesco Foggia and Jacques Duponchel.

Francesco Foggia was born in Rome and worked in Munich and Vienna for some time at the start of his career. After his return to Rome, he was associated for many years with some of the most important churches, such as the Archbasilica of Saint John Lateran.
In 1667, he published a collection of Vespers music; from this, we will hear three psalms and the Magnificat. We will also hear a solo motet from another source to conclude this episode.

Our second composer, Jacques Duponchel, is from Douai, which was then part of Flanders. He worked in Italy his entire life.
From 1665 to 1670, Duponchel was chapel master of the Church of the Holy Apostles in Rome, where his collection of music for Vespers was published. From this, we will hear three psalms.

Francesco Foggia (1604-1688)
1. Dixit Dominus]
2. Confitebor tibi Domine
3. Beati omnes
CappellAntiquA conducted by Bernhard Plammatter
(cd: “Psalmodia Vespertina” – Divox CDX-70207, 2003)

Jacques Duponchel (ca. 1630-1685)
4. Beatus vir
5. Laudate pueri Dominum
6. Laudate Dominum omnes gentes
Harmonia Sacra conducted by Yannick Lemaire
(cd: “Vêpres pour Saint François d’Assise, Rome 1665” – Musica Ficta MF8035, 2022)

Francesco Foggia
7. Magnificat
8. De valle lacrimarum
Maria C. Schmid, soprano (8). CappellAntiquA conducted by Bernhard Plammatter
(cd: see 1-3)

Bernardo Pasquini (1637-1710)
9. Toccata
Roberto Loreggian, organ
(cd: “Sonate per Gravecembalo” – Brilliant Classics 94826, 2020)


Pictured: Francesco Foggia (source: Discogs)

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