Moanin’ the Blues

sat 14 dec 2019 16:00 

Nowadays, the duo Brownie and Sonny is not very popular among blues lovers. The comments on their music are that it is too little blues, too much folk and too much addressed to a white audience. In today’s program, you can listen to their older recordings, separately recorded, and intended for a colored audience.

Brownie McGhee. Brown mule blues
My fault
So long baby
It hurts me too
Hard bed blues
Yellow moon
It’s over

Sonny Terry. Whoopin’ the blues
All alone blues
Worried man blues
Leavin’ blues
Hot headed woman
Custard pie blues
Early morning blues
Dirty mistreater, don’t you know
Telephone blues

Brownie McGhee. Confused
I was fooled
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