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fri 17 jan 2014 19:00 

British-Australian composer Roger Dean has been composing for over four decades. He shows us every side of the piano: the depth and width of the instrument, as well as all sorts of things you can do with it. In a series of two episodes, we search for the development in Roger Dean’s work since 1975 and his excursions into electronic music.

CD Tall Poppies 225 / Outside and Beyond: Multi-Piano
Composer: Roger Dean
Performer: Roger Dean
Jazz, solo live piano and algorithmic ostinato
1. Ostinato
Piano and processing, solo
2. Louis Le Moine
3. Talking with Phil
5. SoloDuo 2
Duos of piano and processing or pre-recorded material
7. Vestige (Greg White)
8. Cloudspotting
9. Kinetic Kingston Piano
ElectroPiano, solely computer interactive performances
10. BiTune
Piano and live algorithmic processing
12. MetaGroove Dance