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sun 7 aug 2016 11:00 

Female composers: classical, jazz, contemporary. Selected and presented by Patricia Werner. Europride special!


Europride Special

1. Ethel Smyth (UK, 1858—1944). a. March of the Women (1911). b. Finale from the Concerto for Violin, Horn and Orchestra (1926). c.  Two Moods of the Sea (1913), for baritone and piano.

2. Henriëtte Bosmans (NL, 1895-1952).

a. Concertino for flute and orchestra (1929). b. La Chanson du Chiffonier.

3. Lori Freedman (Canada, 1958) / Marilyn Lerner (Canada, 1957).

Barbie’s Other Shoe (1997), for clarinet and piano.

4. Annea Lockwood (New Zealand, 1939). I Give You Back (1993), for solo voice.

5. Pauline Oliveros (Texas, 1932). Not very deep hockets (1994), a sonic meditation.

6. Jennifer Higdon (New York, 1962). a. From the Singing Room (2008): Interpretation of Dreams. b. History Lesson, for violin, chorus and orchestra.