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Morning Edition

wed 25 jul 2018 07:00 

Compiled by our Classical Music-desk. This morning we have some Celtic music and works of Beethoven/ Liszt, Schoeck & Loeb.

07:00 Celtic songs and ballads sang and played by Lakshmi Matthiauy, Celtic harp and vocals. With The shore of Amerikay & Gloomy winter and others. Lakshmi Mattieu, Celtic harp and vocals.

08:00 Ludwig van Beethoven/arr. for piano door Franz Liszt. Symfonie nr. 4 in B-flat, opus 60.
Yury Martynov, piano.

08:10 Otmar Schoeck.
Violin concert in B-flat, opus 21.
Ursula Bagdasarjanz, violin. Radio orchestra Lugano.

08:45 David Loeb. Shirakawago, for guitar.
Terry Champlin, guitar.

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