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Morning Edition

Works by Paul Hindemith (pictured), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Brahms, Benjamin Britten, Bernard Herrmann.

 Sonata for Solo Cello, opus 25 no.3. (00:00:40)

Paul Hindemith
Judith Ermert, cello.

 Duo for violin and viola, In Bes, KV 424. (00:11:41)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Rachel Podger, viool. Jane Rogers, altviool.

 Piano trio no. 2, in C, opus 87. (00:33:00)

Johannes Brahms
Macquarie Trio: Nicholas Milton, viool. Michael Goldschlager, cello. Kathryn Selby, piano.

 String Quartet no. 1, in D, opus 25 (01:03:23)

Benjamin Britten
Belcea Quartet: Corina Belcea (viool), Laura Samuel (viool), Krzysztof Chorzelski (altviool), Alasdair Tait (cello)

 Souvenirs de voyage, for clarinet quintet. (01:30:26)

Bernard Herrmann
Tippett Quartet: John Mills, Jeremy Isaac, viool. Julia O’Riordan, altviool. Bozidar Vukotic, cello. Julian Bliss, klarinet.

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