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Works by Georg Friedrich Händel, Johannes Brahms, Johann Joseph Fux, Georg Christoph Wagenseil, Frantisek Xaver Dusek, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ernest Chausson.

 07:01 Sonata for flute and violin and b.c. HWV.386b, op.2, no.1 in B minor

Georg Friedrich Händel
David Plantier (violin), Agnieszka Rychlik (violin), Atsushi Sakaï (cello), Nicola Dal Maso (double bass), Thomas Dunford (lute)

 07:12 Quintet for clarinet, violin (2), viola and cello, op.115 in B minor

Johannes Brahms
Pierre Woudenberg (clarinet), Schönberg Quartet

 07:48 Partita for flute , oboe and b.c. E.64, R.7, ‘Concentus musico-instrumentalis’

Johann Joseph Fux
Concentus Musicus Wien

 08:01 Concerto for harp and orchestra WWV.281 in F major.

Georg Christoph Wagenseil
Alexander Weimann (conductor), Echo du Danube

 08:19 Sonata for keyboard instrument no.10 in B-flat major

Frantisek Xaver Dusek
Marius Bartoccini (fortepiano)

 08:34 Concerto for cello and orchestra in C major

Georg Christoph Wagenseil
Christophe Coin (cello), Orchester Le Phénix

 08:55 Quartet for violin (2), viola and cello nr.22, KV.589 in B-flat major

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Nederlands String Orchestra

 09:18 Concerto for piano, violin and string quartet, op.21 in D major

Ernest Chausson
Itzhak Perlman, Jorge Bolet, Juilliard String Quartet

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