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Morning Edition

Works by Vagn Holmboe, Vytautas Miskinis, Ugis Praulinš, Urmas Sisask, Jean Sibelius, Harald Saeverud, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Maurice Duruflé, Théodore Gouvy, Kurt Weill.

 07:01 Kwartet voor violin(2), viola and cello no.9, op.92

Vagn Holmboe
Kontra Kwartet

 07:26 Angelis suis Deus

Vytautas Miskinis
Stephen Layton (conductor), Choir of Trinity College Cambridge

 07:29 Laudibus in sanctis

Ugis Praulinš
Stephen Layton (conductor), Choir of Trinity College Cambridge

 07:40 Benedictio

Urmas Sisask
Stephen Layton (conductor), Choir of Trinity College Cambridge

 07:46 Pohjola’s dochter, op.49

Jean Sibelius
Hannu Lintu (conductor), Fins Radio Symfonieorkest

 08:01 Suite voor piano no.2, op.22, ‘Wijsjes and dansen uit Siljustøl’ ; Ballade van revolte

Harald Saeverud
Leif Ove Andsnes (piano)

 08:04 Melodieën and dansen uit Siljustøl, op.24, no.1-5 ; Windbloemenbabbel manestralenwijsje

Harald Saeverud
Leif Ove Andsnes (piano)

 08:07 Melodies and dances from Siljustøl, op.24, no.1-5 ; Thor the Hammerer

Harald Saeverud
Leif Ove Andsnes (piano)

 08:09 Suite voor piano no.4, op.25, ‘Melodies and dances from Siljustøl’; Tone’s cradle song

Harald Saeverud
Leif Ove Andsnes (piano)

 08:13 Kwartet voor piano, violin, viola and cello KV.493 in E-flat major

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Leif Ove Andsnes (piano), Matthew Truscott (violin), Joel Hunter (viola), Frank-Michael Guthmann (cello)

 08:42 Fables de La Fontaine no.1-6

Maurice Duruflé
Claude Carrot (conductor), Ensemble Vocal Ars Musicae

 08:54 Dances for Orchestra, op.6, no.1-3

Maurice Duruflé
John Wilson (conductor), Sinfonia of London

 09:16 Octet for wind instruments (8), op.71

Théodore Gouvy
Solistes de Prades

 09:40 Mahagonny songspiel

Kurt Weill
Steve Weisberg

 09:41 The ballad of Mac the knife

Kurt Weill
Sting, Dominic Muldowney

 09:44 The cannon song

Kurt Weill
Fowler Brothers, Stan Ridgway

 09:46 Ballad of the soldier’s wife

Kurt Weill
Marianne Faithfull, Chris Spedding

 09:50 Johnny Johson medley

Kurt Weill
Van Dyke Parks

 09:56 What keep mankind alive

Kurt Weill
Tom Waits

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