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The Concertzender is 40 years old. Please enjoy opus 40 by Peter Hänsel, Muzio Clementi, Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Martucci, Charles Koch, Jacob Weinberg, Niels Gade, Anatolij Ljadov, Josef Hofmann and Ludwig van Beethoven.

 07:01 Trio for violin, viola and cello, op.40, no.1 in F major

Peter Hänsel
Trio Anditi Köln

 07:31 Piano sonata, op.40, no.1 in G major

Muzio Clementi
Howard Shelley (piano)

 07:56 Sonata for cello and b.c. RV.40 in E minor

Antonio Vivaldi
Roel Dieltiens (cello), Richte van der Meer (cello), Anthony Woodrow (double bass), Robert Kohnen (organ, harpsichord)

 08:10 Concerto for piano and orchestra no.1, op.40 in D minor

Giuseppe Martucci
Gesualdo Coggi (piano), Francesco La Vecchia (conductor), Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma

 08:44 Bolero for basset horn and piano, op.40

Charles Koch
Stefano Ongaro (basset horn, clarinet), Cristiano Zanellato (piano)

 08:54 Quintet for clarinet, violin (2), viola and cello, op.40

Jacob Weinberg
Dieter Klöcker (clarinet), Vlach Kwartet

 09:07 Die heilige Nacht, op.40

Niels Gade
Kirsten Dolberg (alto), Per Hoyer (baritone), Frans Rasmussen (conductor), Canzone Choir, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra

 09:24 Prelude for piano, op.40, no.3 in D minor

Anatolij Ljadov
Yoko Kikuchi (piano)

 09:26 Charakterskizzen, op.40, no.1-4

Josef Hofmann
Andrey Gugnin (piano)

 09:48 Romance for violin and orchestra no.1, op.40 in G major

Ludwig van Beethoven
Thomas Zehetmair (violin), Frans Brüggen (conductor), Orchestra from the 18th century

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