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mon 13 jan 2014 22:00 
Composer: Ronald Snijders

With special guest in the studio: flute player Ronald Snijders, who brings along his favourite music.

Ronald Snijders is – according to former magazine ‘Jazz Nu’ – the most swinging flute player in the Netherlands, and inventor of the Afro-Surinamese kawinajazz. Born in the Surinamese city of Paramaribo in 1951, he began playing the flute at age seventeen, inspired by his father who was a professional musician. In his youth, he played guitar, saxophone, piano, percussion, classical as well as popular, Brazilian and jazz. In September 1970 he went to study civil engineering in the Dutch city of Delft, but five years later he was a professional musician himself. He and his Band played, among other places, in the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, the United States, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Budapest, and of course in Suriname and Curacao. In the Netherlands, he performed concerts alongside (among others) the Metropole Orkest and the Dutch Jazz Orchestra. In 2001, the Nederlands Studenten Symfonie Orkest (Dutch Students Symphony Orchestra) performed his orchestra composition "Paramaribo Rhapsody". He went on to compose music for film, TV & radio, ballet and for various ensembles and symphony orchestras.
Engineer: Michiel van Garling

Producer and presenter: