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sat 15 feb 2014 09:00 

With special guest in the studio: singer Kristina Fuchs, bringing her favourite music.

Kristina Fuchs, who is originally from Switzerland, learned to play various instruments at a young age. After studying jazz vocals at the Bern conservatory, she moved to the Netherlands in 1992 to resume her education. Ever since then, she is known as one of the most self-willed Dutch vocalists. With her controlled, velvety voice, she improvises in a playful way. Her inflections refer to Indian raga, dominant tones, pygmy sounds, yodelling and Swiss folk music. The music she composes for her band Sonic Unit has much in common with jazz, as well as new music in the European classical tradition. Sometimes she accompanies herself with a sampler or with the melodic percussion instrument called hang, a recently developed saucepan-like instrument in Switzerland. Her works contain collaboration projects with Eric Vloeimans and Theo Loevendie. Since 2008, she has been performing a selection of Swiss folk songs in a very individual way, under the name in Rösaligarte.
Engineer: Michiel van Garling

Producer and presenter: