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Musicians Corner

Interview with a Dutch jazz musician

Picture by Lisa Schonewille

Hans Hasebos (born 1956) is a composer, producer, plays percussion – especially vibraphone and marimaba – keys, and soprano saxophone and he’s a singer. He started his carrier with pop music, studied classical percussion and ended up in the Dutch impro-scene. Besides that he works in theatre, composes for divers ensembles and produces audio productions for theatre and movies. He played, and still plays, with all kinds of Dutch improvising musicians, among them are Wiek Hijmans, Michiel Scheen, Corrie van Binsbergen, Ernst Glerum, etcetra.

1. Hans Hasebos, Kees van der Zwaard: Buiten wonen
2. Yonekawa Toshiko, Koto: Rodukan
3. Beck: Hollywood Freaks
4. The Grooop: Talkative – beach version
5. Chief Baonoko and men recorded by Hugh Tracey: Yando
6. Perotin – Veni Creator Spiritus –
7. Compositie Hans Hasebos: Domestic voor Jörgen van Rijen
8. Stravinsky: slot Le sacre du printemps
9. Beatles: She said She said

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