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Musicians Corner

sat 12 feb 2022 19:00 

Drummer, composer and jack-of-all-trades Michael Baird (1954)

picture: Maurits van Hout

Michael Baird (born in Lusaka in Zambia in 1954) is a jack-of-all-trades – he does, as he says himself, everything that has to be done: drumming, producing CDs, mixing music, mastering albums, cover design, bookkeeping and: staying passionate. He studied philosophy for a year at the University of Leicester in the 1970s. He has been a professional drummer since 1975. For a short time he had lessons from Raoul Burnett and Art Taylor, both of whom have since passed away. In 1986 he started his own group ‘Sharp Wood’, for which he composed music that was described in a German newspaper as ‘voodoo-jazz’. Since 1987 he has his own record label. As a drummer he collaborated with the Dutch Gijs Hendriks (now deceased), with Hans Hasebos, Steven Kamperman, Jeroen van Vliet, Konkie Halmeyer and with African musicians like Kofi Ayivor, Zoumana Diarra and Ousmane Seye. As a field recorder Michael has made many field recordings in Africa.



  1. Obama Ondoua Ebini; Beti Xylophone Ensemble
  2. Horn Ensemble; Mouyondzi Bi-witi Ensemble
  3. Uwabigega; Royal Drum Ensemble
  4. Iyo-o-o; Moisi, Magdalena en Teresa
  5. ‘Mangoanana’; Moshesha Hlomelang
  6. Op. 16 Préludes, no. 1 Alexander Scriabin performed by Vladimir Horowitz
  7. Op. 74 Préludes, no. 5 ‘Fier et Belliqueux’Alexander Scriabin performed by Maria Lettberg
  8. Day Tripper; Jimi Hendrix Experience
  9. Final 2nd take; Miles Davis met Barney Wilen, René Urteger, Pierre Michelot, Kenny Clarke, for the film ‘L’Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud’
  10. Wakali Perfume; Aaron Nchenje recorded by Michael Baird in Zambia
  11. Musungu Kalela; Michael Baird
  12. Bonguma Evening; Michael Baird
  13. The Winter That Died Slowly; Michael Baird
  14. A00 B01; Juana Molina
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