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sat 11 jun 2022 19:00 
Composer: Morton Feldman

Interview with a Dutch jazz musician

Photo: Harco Rutgers

Henk Zwerver is an active member of the Amsterdam free improvisation community as a guitarist since 2014, after a long career since the early 60s in various music styles, pop, fusion, blues rock. After ending a career in health care, he changed course drastically: only free improvisation.
He played and continues to play in many ad hoc sessions and with various formations including Ziv Taubenfeld, Raoul van de Weide and George Hadow. With Raoul van der Weide, he hosted the All Strings Nights, improvisation meetings for acoustic string players and vocalists, from 2015 until the pandemic started. More than 100 musicians from Amsterdam and abroad participated. With the group ‘Zwerv’, a septet, he recorded two CDs. Recently, he created a duo CD with Raoul van der Weide entitled ‘Modèles Volatiles’. Recently, the CD ‘What’s up’ of the trio with Wim Janssen and Aaron Lumley was released.


– Derek Bailey, The Moat Recordings
– Fleedwoodmac, Then play on
– The Bertch Quartet, Another kind
– Henry Threadgill, See the blackbird now
– Dan Peter Sundland, Uncaged
– Raoul van der Weide/ Henk Zwerver, Tomkes
– Martin Blume, Wilbert de Joode, John Butcher, Fogs
– Morton Feldman, Page 1, stave 1, mesure 1

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