New Releases

tue 19 aug 2008 07:00 
Composers: Brian Irvine | Tim Brady

With a lot of jazz.

07:00 The ‘Scenarios’ CD by Tim Brady.
08:00 Andreas Perger. Big City.
Andreas Perger, guitar.
08:50 The ‘Bersydsky’s Machines’ CD by Brian Irvine.
09:40 The ‘Enfance’ CD by the
Abdelhaï Bennani Quartet.
10:40 Kweksilber/Janssen/Beldmann.
Futuristische Historie.
David Kweksilber, clarinet. Winnyfred Beldman, cello. Guss Janssen, organ.
11:20 Les chats cadiens by French Accordeon Blue.