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mon 14 dec 2015 07:00 

Works by Lunsqui, Worthington, Mincek, Franzson, Futing, Lang, Müller, Weiss & Kessler.

07:00 The CD ‘Lungpowered’ by the quartet Loadbang, with works by Lunsqui, Worthington, Mincek, Franzson, Futing and Lang.
Loadbang: Carlos Cordeiro, bass clarinet & harmonica. Jeffrey Gavett, bariton & harmonica. Andy Kozar, trumpet & harmonica. William Lang, trombone & harmonica.
[New Focus Recordings FCR 163]
07:45 New music from Switzerland, works by Thomas Müller, Marcus Weiss, Thomas Kessler and others.
With Thomas Müller. Secco. Trio Accanto.
and Thomas Kessler. Inselmusik. Trio Accanto.
[Musiques Suisses MGB-M 86]