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Northern Lights

tue 22 mar 2022 22:00 
Composer: Peteris Plakidis

In Northern Lights, every fortnight an hour exclusively devoted to Scandinavian and Baltic music. There are no limits to our search, surrounded by old and new, known and less known. And we also like to include the whole spectrum of classical music and crossovers. Today we share work from the Let Peteris Plakidis, which has not been released on CD before.

On this episode:

Peteris Plakidis:


-Words of the bell ‘Zvana Vardi’

-Scythe in the apple tree


-Fern blossom

-Magic songs nr. 1-2

-Song of bread

-Chants from the Old Testament nr. 1-2

-Coast of Kurzeme, coast of Vidzeme

-Fata Morgana

-In autumn

-Dear mother, the sun

-A life


-To the midsummer child

-In memoriam

The Latvian Radio Choir conducted by Sigvards Klava.


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