Northern Lights | Concertzender | Klassiek, Jazz, Wereld en meer

Northern Lights

tue 26 jul 2022 22:00 

Scandinavian and Baltic music.

Every fortnight on Northern Lights: one hour devoted exclusively to Scandinavian and Baltic music. There are no limits to our search for music old and new, famous and unknown. And we like to include the whole spectrum of classical music and crossovers, too. Today we feature works by Hungarian-Jewish composer Paul Hermann, who died in captivity in Estonia in 1944.



  • Paul Hermann. Duet for violin and cello ‘Grand Duo’ (1930) Denys Lytvynenko (cello) and Marko Komonko (violin)
  • Paul Hermann. Suite for violin (1919). Marko Komonko (violin)
  • Paul Hermann. Trio for piano, violin and cello (1924). Denys Lytvynenko (cello), Marko Komonko (violin) and Myroslav Drahan (piano)
  • Paul Hermann. Concerto for cello and piano (1925) (arr. Fabio Conti 2018)




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