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Voices #16: Choral arrangements by Clytus Gottwald.

Clytus Gottwald (born 1925) made a reputation for himself as a composer at the forefront of the postwar European avant-garde, but these arrangements show his considerable skill in writing idiomatically for chorus, while at the same time stretching them beyond standard conventions. Gottwald typically divides the ensemble into 16 parts, allowing for an unusually rich and saturated choral sound. He also pushes the limits of the range of the voice; some of the parts are stratospherically high. These arrangements aren’t merely transcriptions; in adapting piano and orchestral parts for voices, he has had to re-imagine the music and create a choral equivalent of the original that nonetheless differs from it substantially in its effect. It would be possible to hear of most any of these pieces as being originally conceived for chorus [AllMusic: Stephen Eddins]
▪ György Ligeti: Lux Aeterna
Frieder Bernius: Kammerchor Stuttgart
CD: Carus 83.208 (2001)
▪ Gustav Mahler: Die zwei blauen Augen (Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen)
▪ Maurice Ravel: Soupir (Poèmes de Mallarmé No. 1)
▪ Claude Debussy: Des pas sur la neige, L. 117/6
▪ Richard Wagner: Im Treibhaus (Wesendonck Lieder), WWV 91/3
▪ Richard Wagner: Träume (Wesendonk Lieder), WWV 91/5
▪ Claude Debussy: Les Angélus L. 76
▪ Anton Webern: Tief von fern (8 Early Songs, No. 1)
▪ Anton Webern: Heiter (8 Early Songs, No. 6)
▪ Anton Webern: Der Tod (8 Early Songs, No. 7)
▪ Anton Webern: Sommerabend (8 Early Songs, No. 5)
▪ Alban Berg: Die Nachtigall
▪ Alban Berg: Im zimmer
▪ Alban Berg: Traumgekrönt
▪ André Caplet: Le Miroir de Jesus; Présentation
▪ André Caplet: Le Miroir de Jesus; Agonie au Jardin
▪ André Caplet: Le Miroir de Jesus; Résurrection
▪ Claude Debussy: Soupir, L. 127/1
Ralph Allwood: Rodolfus Choir
CD: AMG Classical W-162576 (2007)
▪ Gustav Mahler: Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen (Rückert Lieder No. 3)
Sigvards Klava: Omroepkoor van Letland
MP3: EMG Classical (2013)

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