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wed 27 jan 2016 10:00 

This hour features a new, special CD with early music. Because of the passing of professor, musical leader and lutenist Louis Peter Grijp we pay attention to the CD ‘Dowland in Holland’ by Camerata Trajectina.

1.  From: Starters ‘Friesche Lusthof’ (1621)
a. Luchtige Maeghden, dat men u vraeghden (tune: O myn Engelyn)
b. Blydschap van mijn Vliet (tune: Twas a youthful knight)
c. Goddinne, wiens minne, mijn sinnen alteyd (tune: peckingtons pond)
d. Lieflocksters van de min  (tune: Com sheapherdes deck your heds)
e. Kheb veel nachten lang gewaeckt (tune: Y have waked the Winters Night)
2. From: Camphuysens ‘Stichtelijke Rymen’
a. Christelijke Klachte (tune: Doulants Lachrimae)
b. Christelijke Klachte a 4 (anon setting of Pavaen Lachrimae)
c. Van ’t laetste oordeel  (tune: Galiiarde Essex, Dowland)
d. Van volmaeckte Regering (tune C.Pypers Pavane, Dowland)
louisg_thumb grijp.jpg3: a. From Thysius Lutebook: Allemande Angloise (John Dowlands John Smiths Almain)
b. Variaties door Jacob van Eyck van: Pavane Lachrimae
c. Konincklycke Fantasien: Fantasie 1 en 6 (Thomas Lupo)
4. From: Starters Boertigheden (1621, 1627)
a. Doen Phoebus vertoogh (tune: O doe not do not kill me..)
b. Ick weet niet wat mijn Vryster schort (tune: My mistris sings no other song)
c. Is Bommelalire soo groote geneughd (tune: was Bommelalire so pritty a play)
Camerata Trajectina conducted by Louis Peter Grijp, lute and cittern (pictured)
(CD Dowland in Holland, Globe GLO 5260, 2015)
Label: Globe 2015