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Nuove Musiche

This hour will feature a new, extraordinary CD with old music. It is ‘My Precious Manuscript’, from the new ensemble La Sainte Folie Fantastique.

17th-century music from The Durham Manuscript (MS mus D2) with sonatas from Germany and England.
1. Sonate et Suite "a due":
– Sonata
– Allemande
– Ballett
– Sarabanda
– Gigue
Henry Butler
2. Sonata 28
3. Sonata 24
4. Daphne
William Young
5. Sonata 21
Heinrich Scheidemann
6. Mascarada e variatio
Henry Butler
7. Aria 20
John Jenkins
8. Aria
9. Courant 17
10. Sonata 27
Anonyme (from Manchester lyra viol book, bew. for lute)
11. What if a day
12. Fortune
Dietrich Stoeffken
13. Preludium
14. Almande
Dietrich Becker
15. Sonata 25
La Sainte Folie Fantastique: Jerôme van Waerbecke, violin. Lucile Boulanger, viola da gamba. Arnaud de Pasquale, harpsichord and organ. Thomas Dunford, archlute
Label/number: ALPHA 191, 2013